Friday, August 19, 2022

Mindful Twitter

Analog, through Twitter?

The pandemic has been hard for digital minimalists.  

Even "going back to normal" hasn't really been normal with repeat infections from a brain-shrinking, immune system-destroying, clot-forming virus that is still out of control. Many of us are still somewhat hunkered-down, masked, avoiding crowds. Those of us who can work remotely are at home most of the time. Some who are back in offices or public settings choose to spend non-working hours mostly at home because getting Covid sucks. Sometimes it continues to suck in ways that have nothing to do with an acute phase of coughing or a runny nose. Just ask the many who ended up with post-Covid heart problems or Long Covid, who are now trying to prevent getting infected again.

It's easy to understand why people have turned to social media as a way to connect. 

It's a lonely pandemic. Sometimes our screens are wonderful virtual campfires. But, just like in the before-times, the ever-flashing screen is addictive, and it can become a source of bad news, misinformation and countless displays of the very worst humanity has to offer.  

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Have an Old-school New Year!

Get off Zoom and find some outdoor space...

It's been a long, strange pandemic, and it's ramping up for another act.  Join me as I try to stay sane, stay safe, stop doomscrolling and ride out the latest Covid wave.  Stay tuned for more.

Log off. Tune in. Opt out.