Friday, May 21, 2021

Let's Have a Vinyl Listening Party...

If we were at my house, I'd make you a drink.
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by Laurie Allee

So, I did something crazy when I was in my 20s.  When my roommate decided to move to Boston, I agreed to help her drive her truck across country from Los Angeles.  She planned  to sell most of her stuff before making the trek, and since I was also in flux -- and broke -- I added a few things to her yard sale to make some extra money.

Selling my jerky ex-boyfriend's leather jacket he never bothered to pick up was a no-brainer.  Selling jeans I no longer wore and jewelry I never really liked?  Obvious.  But selling my record collection...

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Great Use of Screen Time: Jose Briones and Digital Minimalism

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by Laurie Allee

Must Watch for Digital Minimalists

Watch Jose's interview with Joe Hollier,
creator of the Light Phone
The ironic part about living a life less digitally saturated is that by conscientiously spending time offline you can miss out on some great fellow travellers.  Jose Briones is well worth your screen time.

I first discovered Jose when I was researching dumb phones.  I was struggling with the incessant temptation of my iPhone, and I wondered if there was an alternative that would allow me to stay connected without getting sucked into an endless vortex of scrolling, likes and retweets.  Jose's channel is the perfect one-stop clearinghouse of detailed reviews, with plenty of explanations and demonstrations of the user experience.  If you are shopping for a phone that won't own you, Jose's channel will definitely help you make an informed decision.  He will point you toward some devices I guarantee you have not heard of before.  

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Analog Things: Art Journals

My art journals...
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by Laurie Allee

Making your own illuminated manuscripts...

Okay, so maybe they don't rival these illuminated manuscripts, but art journals have taken my regular blank books to a whole different level.  They've also given me a meditative practice that I look forward to doing.  Illustrating my journals adds another layer of creativity to my life, and provides a great alternative to scrolling on my phone.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Analog Things: Making Art

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by Laurie Allee

Here Be Dragons:  The Magic and Wonder of Nerdforge

I am a little bit controversial in the digital minimalism space.  While a life with almost no screen time is admirable, I'm not a neo-Luddite.  My life analog means using all the tools at my disposal to spend the majority of my time getting my hands dirty in the real world rather than scrolling mindlessly through hashtags and Instagram stories.  I'm happy to use the internet to make my real life better.  (Hint:  I'm blogging right now, not writing with a quill on parchment.) (Although I like to do that too.) If you do it right, your screen time can lead to remarkable real time.  

Case in point...

Friday, March 26, 2021

Great Use of Screen Time: Study With Merve

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by Laurie Allee


Let's say you're at a film pitch meeting and you're trying to convince producers that you've got a workable idea:

"There's this Scottish student, okay?  And they have this YouTube Channel where all they do is point an HD camera at a desk and out of the window where they, like, study alone for up to 7 hours.  You never see anything except their hands as they write in notebooks and check a laptop. They've got over 201,000 subscribers and people join the live streams from all over the world to study with the videos and everyone has developed a camaraderie in the comment section..." 

Yeah, I don't think you're getting that movie funded.

But here's where truth really is stranger than fiction...

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Instead of Social Media: Log Into Nature Livestreams...


Hang out at the Banzai Pipeline surf break on the north shore of Oahu
Livestream hours: dawn to just after sunset, Hawaii time
by Laurie Allee

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Seeing the World Despite Travel Restrictions
     Finding the analog in the digital 

Readers of this blog know that I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  Before COVID-19, I felt like I was living in some kind of Matrix where everyone was willingly plugged into devices, ignoring each other while staring hour after hour into endlessly scrolling screens.  I basically started this blog as a kind of rebellion against my phone.  I dedicated myself a life more tactile and less digital. I unplugged to get my hands dirty and "sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world" -- or to at least avoid the toxic political howling on Twitter. 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Analog Things: Building a Cabin by Hand

by Laurie Allee

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No Power Tools (or Nails) Allowed.

Covid-19 restrictions have given people inspiration to do things they might not have had the time or inclination to do before lockdowns.  I was feeling pretty great about my own self-isolation activities:  learning the dulcimer, experimenting with Prismacolor art pencils and tackling the classic books I'd never gotten around to reading.  Not bad, right?  No mega-scrolling, no Twitter ranting, just good old-fashioned analog activities, even in the midst of a pandemic...

Then I found out about Erik Grankvist.

Log off. Tune in. Opt out.