Thursday, April 1, 2021

Analog Things: Making Art

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by Laurie Allee

Here Be Dragons:  The Magic and Wonder of Nerdforge

I am a little bit controversial in the digital minimalism space.  While a life with almost no screen time is admirable, I'm not a neo-Luddite.  My life analog means using all the tools at my disposal to spend the majority of my time getting my hands dirty in the real world rather than scrolling mindlessly through hashtags and Instagram stories.  I'm happy to use the internet to make my real life better.  (Hint:  I'm blogging right now, not writing with a quill on parchment.) (Although I like to do that too.) If you do it right, your screen time can lead to remarkable real time.  

Case in point...

Nerdforge is a Norwegian couple named Martina and Hansi, and if you haven't landed on their channel yet then allow me to become your new favorite person by making the introduction.  These two live, eat and breathe making art.  Working in virtually all mediums -- acrylic, oil, wood, metal, leather, resin, gemstones, neon -- they defy categorization.  I'd say the unifying thread in all of their creations is magic.  And I don't mean stage magic.  These two appear to be absolutely pixillated as they work in their studio of mythical and faery delights.    

They hand bind grimoires worthy of Merlin.  They paint enormous dragons on their office walls.  They  seemingly create other dimensions on walls and in bookcases!  (See the video above.) They even painted their van following a Bob Ross TV episode.  (Oh, and they converted the van themselves, too.)

I originally discovered Nerdforge because of their zeal for books and bookcases.  I don't know about you, but I feel like there might be a few fairies living in my bookcases and I'm happy to have the DIY instructions on how to make them a proper home. (I'll post my results when I finish!)

I hope their channel shows you that you don't have to put your phone in a lockbox to live a joyful analog life.  Just use your phone to find ways to put it down and make art.   

If art isn't your thing, make music.  Here's some inspiration

Stay tuned for more ways to use technology to enhance offline time.

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