A Quickstart Guide to Unplugging

Be intentional with your technology

1.  Take all social media apps off your phone.

Check feeds when you are sitting down at your computer, instead.

2.  Turn off ALL notifications that aren't integral to your life

Make your device work when you want it, but don't let it interrupt you.

3.  Make a favorites list for allowed calls/texts and then put your phone on Do Not Disturb

You can still get important calls and texts, and you can check the rest on your schedule.

4.  Batch read email and text messages at set times during the day

Your work email requirements will dictate how often you check that account, but make personal email wait for you. 

5.  Whenever possible go Airplane Mode

Test this yourself and see how much better free time is without any distraction or interruption.

6.  Get Rid of Alexa

Remind yourself of wondering about things -- even just for the time it takes to type into Google -- and say no to a live microphone in your house at all times.

7.  Turn off WiFi at home

Learn about the actual health reasons for going WiFi-free here. (Ethernet is faster, anyway.) Find out how much control you have when every device isn't constantly on.  

Don't post it.  Live it.  
8.  Set tech free hours and keep to them

At 6:0PM every day, I disconnect from the online world and connect with my family.  Can you do something similar?  

Log off. Tune in. Opt out.