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Watch these great videos from The Light Phone to see why I, and others, are so sick of smartphones...

No video on this one, but click here for an audio-only YouTube to listen to a great Technology for Mindfulness podcast episode with author Michael Harris.  (He wrote one of my favorite books: The End of Absence)

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Check out Books With Laurie, my old-school blog for bookworms:

I'm that person -- the one who always has some book they're rambling on about and insisting you must read.  (I'm also the one you call for a recommendation, and the one whose bookshelves always offer up the perfect summer read, or herbal guidebook, or weird autobiograhy, or leftist history, or film theory...) Visit my bookish dream world here:

The Revolution will be Typewritten:

This is probably my favorite recent documentary, and an absolute love letter to typewriters and the people who (still) use and adore  them.  Be warned: this movie will make you buy a typewriter.

Create your own reality...
This man lives like it's WW2-era:

You know the old saying that the inner reality creates the outer reality?  Well this guy kind of reversed that advice.  His outer reality looks like something out of a time capsule, and living among the old things gives his modern life meaning.  Watch this fascinating short piece on his 1940s lifestyle -- right down to the tiniest detail.

DIY taken to a new level:

Watching people like this make things with simple tools reminds me that I need to work with nature rather than just shoot digital pictures of it.

Meet the engineer preserving analog recording:

Ever think about how recordings used to be made?  This guy is saving a lost art...

Quit social media and be happier with Dr. Cal Newport:

If I had to choose one thing to tell people to watch about technology, it would be this talk by author Cal Newport.  His books Deep Work and Digital Minimalism are must-reads.

Watch the creation of American Epic -- a collaborative album recorded on a mechanical wax recording device:

But but but modern technology gave us RECORDINGS, right?  Well, you might want to check out exactly what you can do with a mechanical recording device.  That's right.  MECHANICAL.  

This fascinating PBS documentary covers the incredibly recording of Jack White's brainchild American Epic.  The project brought together dozens of legendary musicians to record historical folk music (and a few new tunes) on a machine using levers, weights and wax.  Watch for the music, and the analog inspiration.

What is slow tech?

Borrowing from the slow food ideology, slow tech is not a neo-Luddite view towards abandoning technology.  Instead, slow tech advocates using technology thoughtfully, with an eye on real-world connection rather than digital saturation.

Join Mark Boyle as he gives up the modern world:

If you haven't heard of Mark Boyle, please do yourself a favor and watch what it's like for someone to give up all technology in search of a more real human experience.  Mark's choice is not one I would make.  (I mean come on, I'm a blogger!)  His revelations, however, strikc a transcendentalist, deeply-human chord in me.  See if you agree:

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